About Asten College

Welcome to Asten College, a Microsoft digital transformation school that provides a rigorous British education. We offer our students and staff the chance to enhance their expertise in digital education through our global digital platforms that stand on the frontline of educational progression.

Our Core 24 approach entails a values-based education that shapes our principles and central beliefs. With the wide range of co-curricular programs offered at Asten College, we focus on each learner’s pastoral, social, and emotional needs. We are committed to independent thought and the pursuit of excellence in providing a well-rounded education.

About Asten Hub:

Stemming from our belief that every child is a “Champion in Life”, student life at Asten College represents an integral aspect of our school community. Asten offers an array of after-school extracurricular activities that include events; earth studies; coding and robotics; national sports tournaments; art and music tournaments; national and international trips and more.